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Live Tenders for Marquee Contractors

Live tenders projecting £20 million for the first year until October 2009, and around £50 million
for year two

Win business from organisers that you previously did not have access to

Select local, regional or national work

Work for every size of hire contractor

Work for every type of hire contractor

Membership and accreditation to the most dynamic and innovative organisation for the event industry

We have onboard around 300 key members that use marquees. By being an accredited member
with MHTO you are effectively on their tender list

We have formed a state of the art process of submitting tenders to enable the contractor to
tender quickly and effectively

MHTO are committed to encourage marquee contractors to have their say on the H&S on the industry

We are an organisation that is committed to take your view points to BERR, and push for legislation
change if they conflict with the law

200 page Health & Safety manual – Industry specific

We are, with a passion pro-actively promoting the MHTO to the event industry, as well as the public