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2.03 Site Appropriateness – A Client’s Guide

On selecting a site you should take the following into consideration:

  • Easy access. A clearance of no less than 4 metres wide and 4.5 metres above the ground (?head? clearance).
  • The site must be capable of taking the weight of a fire engine (about 17 tonnes) in all weather conditions.
  • Vehicle and pedestrian movement on the site.
  • The slope and/or unevenness of the ground.
  • The availability of mains electric, phone, water and toilets.
  • The existing activities that take place at the site and the impact on your event.
  • The existing buildings, trees, hedges and plants.
  • Parking considerations.
  • The ability to have the grass cut short and cuttings raked clear before installation of equipment.
  • There is ample clear space to enable the occupants of any marquee to get to a place of safety in the event of a fire.
  • Overhead obstacles including overhead cables. Marquees must not be positioned under overhead power cables.