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2.09 Heating And Pre-heating Appliances

Heating appliances should be installed externally to the marquee and away from exits. They should be 2 metres from the marquee and flame retardant ducting should be fitted between the marquee and heater. This will minimise the heater casing touching the marquee fabric and allow diesel or gas fumes to disperse. This type of heater is an indirect fired heater.

In no circumstances should a direct fired heater have ducting fitted as it WILL catch fire.

Electrical heating is permitted in the marquee provided that it is fixed and is not a fire hazard to furnishings or persons.

Pre-heating of the marquee can be completed by use of portable heaters of any type while the public are not in attendance. The pre-heating is then turned off, allowed to cool and removed from the marquee before the public are admitted. This pre-heating can only be implemented with the permission of the local fire officer.

All diesel heaters and cookers should confirm to BS 799 for oil burning equipment, and be tested annually for PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) and by an appropriate diesel engineer (for diesel fires).

All gas cookers and heaters should conform to the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1994 (as amended in 1996) and be tested annually by an appropriate gas engineer, as well as be tested annually for PAT (Portable Appliance Test).

Every employer or self-employed person or owner of a gas or diesel or electric appliance installed in a premises have a duty of care to ensure any appliances are maintained in a safe condition and the work carried out on the appliance by a competent person.