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2.04 Site Plans – A Client’s Guide

You should complete a site plan showing the following information:

The site as a whole with the existing buildings and trees, bushes etc.

Hydrants on the site need to have access of not less than 4 metres wide and 4.5 metres above the ground. These must be marked on the plan and the routes kept clear.

Underground services and overhead cables must be marked on the plan, advice obtained from the relevant service company.

Entrance and exits to site.

Marquee, demountable buildings, caravans and other structures should be not less than 6 metre spacing and indicated on the plan. This must allow for the access for fire engines to within 45 to 50 metres of every part of every marquee and structure.

All exits in marquees and structures must be marked on the plan and should conform to the following table as a guide. All exits should be clearly indicated by pictorial exit signs of at least 125 mm high, complying with the Health & Safety [Safety Signs and Signals] regulations 1996 or BS 5499 Part 1 when operated during hours of daylight.

Table: showing number of exits required.

No. of People No. of Exits Required
50 – 160 people 2 of 1.05 metre exits
161 – 240 people 2 of 1.50 metre exits
241 – 320 people 2 of 1.95 metre exits
321 – 480 people 3 of 1.50 metre exits
481 – 640 people 3 of 1.95 metre exits
641 – 720 people 4 of 1.50 metre exits
721 – 960 people 4 of 1.95 metre exits

Generators must be indicated on the plan as well as indicating the fuel stores that must be at least 6 metres from any demountable building, caravan or other structure.

You should keep a copy of the site plan at your event/show on site offices, a copy with you at all times whilst the show is open and a copy at the entrance with “YOU ARE HERE” clearly marked.