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A quick update to let you know how the various projects are going:

(1).  NVQ Temporary Structures at level 3 as well as NVQ Management and Supervision have been amended and are awaiting approval at The Sector Skills Council.

(2).  The Fuel Card provider that is offering best discounts and coverage has now been selected for members to use.
The fees for each card has been waived.
Non-usage fees have been waived.
No tie-in contract.
Members also get a lower rate than would normally be available to users of the card.
You can use BP, Shell, Texaco, Esso filling stations and other fuel card outlets.
More details once you become a member.

(3).  The Health and Safety Manual is constantly being updated.
Now sections have been added specifically for Forepersons training as well as improved sections through-out.

(4).  We have arranged a special deal with a finance company to provide asset funding for equipment at a flat rate of 3.3% subject to status, and a reduced set-up fee reduced to only £75.